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As seen in the February issue of MSM-Moving Forward, February 2011 article. ISSN: 1920-4299

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How to Move Past Your Bad Relationship – Learn From Your Mistakes

By Teecee Go

“It’s over!” Two words a woman in love never wants to hear. How will you survive without the love of your life? How will you continue to live now that he is gone?

Pulling yourself together is so much easier said than done. Everyone says you’re better off without him but you can’t stop thinking about the good times you had. You keep going over the mistakes in your head. Don’t completely blame yourself; it takes two people to make and break a relationship.

Move Past The Breakup

Before you can move on, you must close that hurtful chapter in your life. Instead of thinking of all the things that went wrong, think of the things that were right. When you think of the bad times, think about how you can learn and improve on the situation. Once you have come to terms with the breakup, you are ready to move on.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Women who learn from their mistakes can move forward into a new relationship. Women who tend to dwell on their mistakes will bring the same faults to their new relationships. When you bring old baggage to a new relationship, it is doomed to fail before it has a chance to begin. Learn from your breakup but don’t prejudge your new relationship based on your past. Don’t allow your past mistakes to rob you of any future happiness.

When you start again, remember to keep an open mind. All men have similar traits but no two men are exactly the same.

Start Dating

Start dating again for the fun of it. Don’t put any expectations on the dates. In the beginning, you are only dating to get your mind off your heartbreak. Keep your dates casual and fun. Concentrate on strengthening yourself before you consider getting back into something serious.

When you meet the man that stimulates your mind, you will stop thinking about your broken heart and start thinking about

living again. Establish a strong bond of communication that allows you both to express your feelings and emotions without judgement or criticism. You may discover great satisfaction in merely having stimulating conversations. These open exchanges will allow him to be open with you and allow you to be honest with him. At that point, don’t be surprised if he is the one seeking a deeper relationship.

Reset Your Goals

Give yourself some time to heal your heart and reestablish the goals you want in life. Put yourself back together before you consider starting a new relationship. Remember, life is not perfect. People live and people learn everyday of their lives. Learn from your life and live to be happy. If you follow these basic principles, everything else will fall into place.