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Quotes: April 2011 Issue with Keith David

Quotes by Keith David

As Seen in the April Issue of MainStreetMag

The breath of life cycles; Written by Keith David

The breath of life cycles, in and out, around and around. No apparent beginning or end, yet constant transformation from what was to what will be. Caught in the middle of now, wishing change from the past knowing it can only come in the future as the past disappears like ticks on a watch, frozen in memories of both joy and regret.


She came broken, a mere shell or so she thought. I held the mirror and

Broken. By Keith David.

showed her light and she opened her eyes. I whispered, “You are amazing, see inside? Feel your beauty, so unique and powerful?” She opened her mind. I gently touched her skin, and her smile beamed bright, grown from a flicker with love, not for me, but for herself


May my heart see clearly the beauty of a soul, beyond the shimmering clouds of light and color to know the true splendour of one so remarkable as you.

May my heart see clearly. Keith David

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Keith David is a refreshing new author and poet looking for his first break. He has a gift for combining deep spiritual thoughts with storytelling to create heartfelt poetry, stimulating erotica and fantasy stories to tantalize body, mind and spirit as he transport the reader into his world.  Please visit his website at: http://www.breathlessnights.com/