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By Rosemary Peters

April 2011 was the second year anniversary of MSM, therefore we thought that the best ‘Feature” is an interview with founder Tilly Rivers.

I wrote this interview, and it is being published ‘as is’ the conversation between Tilly and I. No editing, no censorship, and no bullshit- straight up talk from the woman I love, admire and proud to call friend. –RM Peters-

The woman behind the….

“Now wait a second!- hold up right there- behind? NO WAY!” ~giggles~ “I’m the woman in front of, behind, in, over, around and through. All women are.”

Why so Shy? Tilly Rivers

So okay than… let’s try this again. Let’s get to know Tilly!

MSM: If you were a tree (or animal) what kind of tree (animal) would you be?

TR: Pardon? ~giggles~

MSM: Ha Ha, you’ve been asked all the standard questions in the past, your life is no secret, not with your biography “My Name is Matilda, The Tilly Rivers Story” out there. What questions do you ask the one and only, “Tilly Rivers?”

TR: The one and only is certainly correct, however that isn’t always a good thing. As a matter of fact, I’m certain the universe picked me to be unique as a ‘test study’ ~giggles~ you can ask me just about anything. If I was a tree, it would be a willow and if I was an animal…that’s a tough one, can I be a shape shifter? That way I can be many different animals, as I love so many critters and have formed a bound with many.

MSM: Some might say you are a shape shifter already. You’re an award winning author, too many times to count, best selling author, what ten times? Photographer, CEO, Founder of MSM, done modeling, hosted your own radio show, public speaking, mentor and teach everything from Social Media to how to promote your works. You’ve been approached to represent some large talent, and seem to be the one in whom others seek.

TR: ~giggles~ is there a question in there?

MSM: Often you talk about your ego. But the woman I know is very humble. In your biography you hinted that by pretending to be superficial it keeps people at a distance. Why do you want people at a distance? The woman and friend I know is very warm, loving and humble, why don’t you show that side to the world?

TR: Oh sure Rosemary, go for the hard ones. Damn…why? I guess because it keeps me safe, and grounded. It is very easy to buy into the hype, the lifestyle so to speak. I know that as soon as I come across as being an ego-manic that my family will knock it out of me. I truly love my fans, however writing erotica can create some ‘issues’ from time to time.

MSM: By issues are you refereeing to the stalker issues you have faced?

TR: That yes, and hate mail, and lots of negatives. The double standards for men/women in the sexual arena are pretty harsh. If you’re a man, it’s okay, expected even to sew some wild oats let’s say- but a woman that has sexual confidence and isn’t shy about it- even in this day- it is seen as a no-no.

MSM: What brought on the semi-retirement?

TR: I think there is a life cycle for everything you do. I loved writing erotica, am very thankful for the many doors it opened in my career,  will continue I am sure to write a story here or there, but it’s time for me to move on. I love MSM, it is my new passion and I’m having fun with it. I did however let myself get caught up in the opinion’s of others, soooo not like me ~giggles~ and needed to get back to the original plan. If you do not try new things, keep things fresh- then how do you know what you’re capable of?

MSM: What will the future hold for you?

TR: ~smiles~ future? I live in the moment, sometimes I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow.

MSM: What would tell somehow who wants to follow their dreams but is caught in the rat-race?

TR: That there is always a way. I’m not saying quit your job and have no way to pay the bills or feed your kids. I’m saying, there is always a way. Maybe you need to keep the 9 to 5 job to pay the  bills- so what?- Does that mean you can’t be a writer because you’re a factory worker? Write a blog (cost: free- only your time)- if you want to write- write! Self-publish that book in your closet under the layers of dust, by setting aside a few dollars from your pay cheque each week. If it’s been sitting there now for a year, what’s a few more months before you have enough money to do what your heart is calling for you to do? If you’re a painter- paint- if you want to be photographer- take pictures. It’s your dream, and it’s up to you to make it happen. Take that picture- write that book, create that song- paint that painting, explore that idea. Opportunity comes in many ways, often as a fluke- but opportunity has no chance if the dream is locked inside and never sees the light.

MSM: You have often been criticized about your methods, saying that you’re too bold, not professional, and some have even said you have no idea what you’re talking about. That your ‘different’ approach is off-the-wall. Yet, a year, maybe two later, what you did, what you started is followed by the masses. How do you react to that?

TR: I laugh my ass off. If they had listened they would be two years ahead of the game and enjoying the fruits of their labour instead of working in the trenches, or worse have missed the opportunity altogether. As my Mom would say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t force them to drink. I suppose I should say something like, its okay- or some other politically correct bullshit- but that isn’t me.

MSM: Final thoughts?

TR: Just one, don’t be scared to be you.