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The Couponing Craze: Real or Not?

The Experemient

Tilly Rivers

The new TLC show “Extreme Couponing” has certainly created some major new shopping habits for many people out there, couponing and stock piling have become the new way to shop. But does it really work? I mean for the average shopper, not to mention the ahhh…errr…lazy shopper? Some of us (smiles and looks in the mirror) don’t really like to go grocery shopping let alone spend what looks like hours researching for coupons and store policies and price matching, and…it sounds exhausting.  But hey, I’m a girl after all, and I love a bargain, so I have decided to put it to the test. Oh, don’t misunderstand, I LOVE to shop, just hate grocery shopping. Just  wanted to clarify that.

Coupons- how much do you really save?

The Plan

1. So far from what I have read, the first step  is to get organized. Make out your list, and here’s the hard part- stick to it- drat I knew there would be a catch ~giggles~ then…

2. Gather up as many coupons as you can for the products on your list. For example, this week you need toothpaste, so you will need to research and find out which toothpaste company has a coupon for that the product. Oh, AND remember to bring the coupon with you, don’t leave it on the table…next to the list….he he he

Maybe once I give it a whirl and see some results I will become disciplined and take it a step further and price match.  What is that you ask? …don’t laugh…~smiles~ I didn’t know, so maybe there is at least one more person out there that doesn’t ~giggles~ (looks to the left- looks to the right, sees no one…one? oh come on, there has to be one….LMAO)

Price Match is where you take ALL  the different stores sale flyers for that week;  let’s say store X, the green store has ABC toothpaste on sale, so you take the flyer with you to Walmart, for example, and show the teller the advertised price from store X in the flyer and Walmart will give you the product for the same price. Pretty cool hmmm? Here’s the thing- no flyer (proof) no price match. That’s the policy. Now here is the best part (apparently) if you have a coupon for said toothpaste and it’s on sale you get even more savings!

Of course me, being me, I’m not huge into stock piling, I mean sure, grab a few while they are on sale, but really are you going to use 30 boxes of cereal before the expiry date? Not me- hey I’m all for getting 30 boxes of cereal if you are getting them for free, but DONATE 27 of them to a food bank or shelter- don’t let them sit on the shelf and go bad!

So…that’s it, that’s the plan. I’m hoping to find out  (1) How much couponing really saves the ‘real’ shopper; (2) How much time it takes; (3) is it  worth the effort; and (4) what the store reaction is, and policies are for couponing in Ontario. ( NOW THIS should be interesting! I can’t wait to see the reactions and polices of the different stores!)

Wish me luck…and stayed tuned for updates.

P.S. If you are a couponer, be sure to give me some tips!

If you haven’t seen TLC’s Extreme Couponing,  click here to watch a few clips.

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