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All About Sex

New Sex Positions

Getting Creative with New Sex Positions

By Cory Silverberg

All About Sex, MSM

Questions about sex positions are among the most common and popular questions posed to sex educators, search engines, and call-in sex advice programs. What are the newest sex positions, the most common sex positions, the best sex position? Are there recommended oral sex positions, anal sex positions, sex positions for when you’re pregnant, living with chronic pain, or prone to dizziness?

The problem with these questions is that the answer is always the same: that depends. Sexual pleasure, and sex positions, isn’t a science, and the only way you can find out more about sex positions, is to bring the creativity you have in other parts of your life, into the sexual arena, and start exploring.

If you want to test your sex positions knowledge before reading more, try out our sex positions quiz. (Below) But if you’re feeling a lack of creative ideas, read on for some of the key considerations when it comes to thinking about new sex positions.

Sex Positions Tip #1 – Finding the Right Physical Position

The most obvious part of any sex position is the physical position of your bodies. There are thousands of positions we can put our body into. Standing, kneeling, curled up in a fetal position, sitting with our legs spread open, with our legs crossed, squatting.

 Sex Position Tip #2 – Different Movements for Different Positions

A good sex position isn’t just about how your bodies are arranged, it is a sex position that allows for the kind of movement you like in your sex. There are times you might relish a slow, even thrusting. Other times you might be in the mood for rougher, pounding sex.

 Sex Position Tip #3 – Adjusting the Angle of Penetration

Many people lack important basic information about male and female sexual anatomy. The angle of penetration can change the way a sex position feels for everyone involved. It may stimulate one part of the body more, it might be more comfortable.

 Sex Position Tip #4 – Getting Your Arms and Legs into the Act

When it comes to sex positions, we can focus too much on the genital connection, and ignore the fact that there is a whole body available for sexual stimulation. Arms, legs, hands, feet, can all be important players in an awesome sex position.

 Sex Position Tip #5 – Finding the Rhythm

All the clichés about the “motion of the ocean” are true. Regardless of what sex position you’re in, regardless of how perfectly sized your partner’s penis might be, if there’s no rhythm, or if you and your partner can’t get in synch, the penetration probably won’t do it for you.

 Sex Position Tip #6 – Speed and Pacing

I have a friend who says she can always tell when a new sexual partner has learned his technique from watching too much porn. Those guys think that all sex is, is five minutes of mind-numbing (and genital numbing) pounding.

Of course these considerations aren’t really separate from each other. Take this example, You are penetrating your partner. They are lying down on their back, with their knees bent, genitals facing you. You are on your knees in front of them. If you lift up their legs and hook them over your shoulders, or if you just hold them in your arms, this changes both the angle of penetration, but it can also change the way you move. Being creative is always rule of thumb.

Sex Positions Quiz

Test your knowledge about sex positions

As mentioned above, questions about sex positions are among the most common questions posed to sex educators, search engines, and call-in sex advice programs. Take the quiz and find out how much you know about sex positions.


Men who prefer the rear entry or “doggy style” sex position are also likely to:
a) Have more sexual fantasies
b) Be circumcised
c) Be uncircumcised
d) Enjoy spicy foods


True or False: When you are pregnant you should only have sex in the missionary position.
a) True
b) False


Which sex position is most likely to result in a urinary tract infection.
a) Missionary sex position
b) Spooning sex position
c) Rear entry or doggy style sex position
d) Standing sex position
e) None of the above


Which of the following titles is from an actual peer-reviewed academic journal?
a) Let me count the ways: Canonists and theologians contemplate coital positions.
b) Imagine me and you: Sex positions and their relationship to sexual intimacy
c) Why don’t we do it in the road? Coital positioning and the cultural practice of parking.
d) Love hurts: Porcupine copulatory positioning and highway mortality estimates.


Which one of these is not a name for a sex position:
a) Reverse Cowgirl
b) Dragonfly
c) Pile driver
d) Finger Cuffs


True or False: Humans are the only animals that engage in sexual intercourse facing each other.
a) True
b) False


The most popular sex position is:
a) Woman on top
b) Man on top (missionary position)
c) Rear entry or doggy style
d) Spooning
e) Both A and C


The most important element of a great sex position is…
a) The angle of penetration
b) The speed of penetration
c) The physical position of the partner being penetrated
d) The rhythm
e) All of the above


True or False: A great source to learn new sex positions is watching adult videos/pornography.
a) True
b) False


According to scientific research on sexual intercourse, during vaginal penetration the penis is usually:
a) Straight
b) Curved like a banana
c) Boomerang shaped
d) Curved like the letter “S”
  1. The correct answer is “a”. There is no clear relationship between circumcision and sexual positions, although some anti-circumcision activists have argued that circumcision does impact the way men have sex.
  2. The correct answer is “b”
  3. The correct answer is “e”. It’s a trick question. Medical researchers who have studied the association between sex and urinary tract infections say that more research is needed before determining if a particular sex position may increase chances of a urinary tract infection. Learn more about sex positions and urinary tract infections.
  4. The correct answer is “a”. I made this one up. The correct answer was “Let me count the ways: Canonists and theologians contemplate coital positions” a paper that explores old Christian texts as they discuss sexual positions
  5. The correct answer is “b”. They may sound silly but reverse cowgirl, pile driver, and finger cuffs are all names people have given to sex positions in books and on line
  6. The correct answer is “b”. Dolphins
  7. The correct answer is “e”. The missionary position used to be considered the most popular sex position but recent popular surveys consistently put woman on top and rear entry or doggy style at about equal popularity. Of course knowing the most popular sex position isn’t the way to pick one you’ll like
  8. The correct answer is “e”. Angle of penetration, speed, positioning and rhythm are all important elements of a great sex position, but great sex positions are about combining all the factors into what works for you and your partner in the moment.
  9. The correct answer is “c”. It may seem this way, and in fact Leonardo da Vinci drew a famous illustration of penile vaginal intercourse that showed the penis to be straight, but the images from the study show that the penis actually takes on a boomerang shape during both man on top and rear entry sex positions. Read more about the anatomy of sex positions and intercourse.
  10. The correct answer is “b”. While watching adult movies can be a great way to stimulate the imagination (and other things) the sex positions in porn films are not chosen for the pleasure they give the actors, they are chosen for camera angles. The way they have sex in porn does not usually feel very good in real life. Read more about the funny, but not very practical porn star sex positions.