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Poetic Musings: Mimi Wolske-“Words From Your Face”


Mimi Wolske, copy right May 2011, all rights reserved


Mimi Wolske, Main Street Magazine

Words—fresh and new,

Tossed in the air,

Scattered, askew,

Offered with flair


Words—fell on ears,

Accepted as truth,

Not heard in years,

Maybe since youth



Uttered, avowed,

But you bandy

Them and becloud


Words—in my mind,


They are designed,

But ill-fated


Words—shared with me,

But shared before,

Now seen bleakly,

None I adore


Words—paper thin,

Without meaning,

Knowing they’ve been




Do more damage

Than the token

That you manage


Words—has she guessed,

Is that why you

Haven’t confessed,

Why you eschew


Words—when did it

Become okay

Not to admit

That you sashay


Words—between us,

Playing us both

With your baseness,

Without an oath


Words—me she knows,

Can two surmise

I’ve seen photos,

Of her I’m wise


Words—does Brenda

Know, (does she care)

Your agenda,

Of our affair


Words—said today

Forgotten on

The ‘morrow, hey

It’s a new dawn


Words—not so new,

Tossed in the clear,

Scattered, askew,

They’re insincere


Mimi Wolske (born February 13, 1965), also known as Mona Arizona, romance and erotic romance author and artist, was first published in a Midwest newspaper while she was in the fourth grade. Her first erotic poem, Again, written her Junior year at Arizona State University, won her international acclaim and was produced as a video in 2010. Her current work in progress, an erotic take-off of the fairy tale Snow-white and Rose-red for the anthology Once Upon an Orgasm, will be published in October, 2011 by Rebel Ink Press.

Her other career as an artist took off when her paintings “Chaos”, “Order from Chaos”, and “Satiated” toured galleries and art museums in the United States and various countries in Europe her Senior year at Arizona State University. She is currently working on a commissioned portrait of author Jeffrey Friedberg.

Mimi Wolske (also a pseudonym) earned degrees as a double major in the colleges of Fine Arts and English at Arizona State University where she was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and was graduated with honors. Other recent honors and awards: White House Fellow nominee, National Achievement Award for HW Proposal, International Privacy Security Award, American Entrepreneur Award, Listed in Stanford’s Black Book of Who’s Who.

“I’m really just your normal, down home, girl next door type with a wicked sense of humor.”