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Lou Riddell

MSM: A Novel Idea presents Lou Riddell

Lou Riddell started writing at the age of 15 and is the author of a book of poetry published through Lulu.com, called “Seasons”.  It’s a collection of lyrical, romantic poetry inspired by a musical theme that deals with romantic relationships as they move through the seasons from Spring to Winter, with the promise that even in the midst of Winter there is always the hope of another Spring.  The book was inspired by events in the author’s own life and can also be obtained through Amazon.com.

She has also written many other poems which she hopes to publish someday.

She is currently being represented by Cari Hawks Foulk of Tribe Literary Agency (http://tribelit.com/).  She has written her first fantasy novel, Rise of the Dark, and is close to finishing her second, Dragon Sigil.  She has started her third, The Talisman of Ba’ast, and has plans for a fourth, Dreams of Aras’thea.

Rise of the Dark is a traditional fantasy tale that portrays the enforced (or so she thinks) marriage of young Princess Nimir to a much older man whom she does not love.  She runs away from home only to be pursued by the man her father really wants her to marry, Prince Iestyn.  Together they embark upon a quest to find the talisman that will abolish the Dark forever, and save their world.  Along their journey they are aided by several fantastical creatures, as well as the Lords of Light.  This story is unusual in that the old Arthurian legends are interwoven throughout.

Seasons by Lou Riddell

Dragon Sigil is another fantasy tale that begins in modern day at the Minnesota State Fair, and catapults two friends, Cathy and Jon, into another world, where they are pitted against alien beings intent on conquering the universe; they too, embark upon a quest – a quest to destroy the portals which these beings use to pass between worlds.  In so doing, they save their own world as well as countless others.

The common thread between these two novels is the appearance of the magician known as Merlin, although his name in the first novel is M’llin, and in the second, Myrddin.

The Talisman of Ba’ast is a little different.  It is a mix of urban and traditional fantasy, the tale of a writer named Erin Douglas who moves into an old house and finds a curious book and a talisman in the shape of a cat.  Aided by a ghostly cat that is able to move between worlds, she passes from this world into the world of the future…a future ravaged by the rise of demons.  She has to use the talisman to call upon the sleeping dragons of ancient times, for the only way that man will triumph over the demonic hordes is with the aid of the ancient creatures that once were so feared by them.

Dreams of Aras’thea is the story of a woman by the name of Amie who enters the world of her dreams, and switches bodies with a woman from that world.  She finds herself embroiled in a treasonous plot to overthrow the tyrannical rulers as well as the evil sorceress Lil’ith; with the aid of the centurion Jor’dan, she is able to bring everlasting peace to her new home.  What the reader will wonder is this…will Amie ever be able to return to the world of her birth?

Lou is also working on a book of short stories of the horror/sci-fi/supernatural genres, The Walls Have Eyes…And Other Stories.  So far she has written or partly written 12 stories for this collection.  Much of her inspiration for her horror stories is drawn from everyday life – something she might see that is perfectly ordinary, that her mind takes and puts a wicked twist to, turning it into someone’s worst nightmare.

She also writes a little erotica, although none of her erotic stories have been published yet.

She loves music, reading, playing the piano, drawing in pen and ink, and travel.  She is a member of T.I.P.S. – The International Paranormal Society – and is actively engaged with her team in doing paranormal investigations across Minnesota.  You can visit her website at http://www.louriddell.com/

Find her on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/Lou.Riddell

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/Lou_Riddell

Scribd:  http://www.scribd.com/lou_riddell