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Chef of Merit

Most Famous Chefs

By Stephen Rampur

When it comes to the most famous chefs of all time, chefs like Rachel Ray, Guy Savoy, and Fernand Point do come at prominent places in the list. Read on for a famous chefs list.

Chef of Merit, Main Street Mag

Many of the exotic cuisines and delicacies we eat nowadays are because of the experimentation of people who are experts, best in cooking. Though the list of the most famous chefs is long, there are some world famous chefs who have reached a respectable level in the world of cooking and cuisines. A good thing to know is that most of the people in the famous chefs list are men. Nowadays, men do hold more prominent places than women in the world of culinary arts. Some in the famous chefs list have even turned into celebrity chefs by hosting their own cooking TV shows. While others have to their name cookbooks and restaurant chains.

If you happen to visit a city which is a prime location for any restaurant owned by notable chefs, it is suggested to try out their dishes. You will notice that every type of meal is prepared with accuracy and considering some particular standards, which contributes to its perfect taste, smell, and most importantly goodwill. Also remember that some culinary arts professionals have specialized in certain cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, French, Thai, Asian, and many others. On the other hand, there are some who are well versed in preparing a wide range of cuisines. Many also have received awards from professional organizations regarding their contribution to the hotel and restaurant industry. In the following, you will find names of famous and great chefs around the world.

 25 of Most Famous Chefs

Sr. No. Name of the Chef
1 Fernand Point
2 Rachel Ray
3 Guy Savoy
4 Daniel Boulud
5 Homaro Cantu
6 Benjamin Christie
7 Fanny Cradock
8 Rocco DiSpirito
9 Fannie Farmer
10 Alex Garcia
11 Hanaya Yohei
12 Amanda Hesser
13 Sanjeev Kapoor
14 Nigella Lawson
15 Nickolas Manosis
16 Masaharu Morimoto
17 Koumei Nakamura
18 Jennifer Paterson
19 Georges Perrier
20 Udo Prambs
21 Gordon Ramsay
22 Eric Ripert
23 Marcus Samuelsson
24 Delia Smith
25 George Stella

This is a  (particial)running list of the most famous chefs all over the world. Note that this is not a list made by referring to any sort of rankings or votes. The list of the names above is incomplete and the names are just randomly placed. Eating meals prepared by any of these professional chefs would certainly be a memorable moment.  For the complete list visit: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/most-famous-chefs.html