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How to Go Green in the Winter


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Going green can be a year-round practice, including during the winter months. While you can’t grow your own organic foods outside, you can still be eco-friendly in your house, activities and lifestyle. Winter can sometimes make it hard to think of global warming, but the earth will thank you for your green choices. Read on to learn how to go green in the winter.

Save energy by making sure that your doors and windows have good seals on them. Leaky windows and doors can be like having an open window in your home, letting cold air in and warm air escape. By getting better seals, you’ll also save on your winter heating bills.

Winterize your bike for commutes and errands. Although biking can be a bit trickier in snow, you can often still bike when the weather gets cold. Use wide tires, wear layers and protect your hands and feet. Take care to identify roads that will give you enough room to ride with snow on the sides and know when the weather may be too bad to ride safely.

Wear more layers inside to keep the heat down. Turning the heat down just a few degrees can make a big difference in your energy consumption. Make use of sweaters, slippers and throw blankets to stay warm.

Use non-toxic de-icers on your driveway and other areas. “Rock salt” contains cyanide. Chemical de-icers can also be harmful to pets and wild animals. Instead, throw plain sand down on your driveway for the traction that you need.

Try green activities for the family like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and sledding. You’ll get a great workout and you won’t have to use electricity or fuel to have fun.

Replace your old light bulbs with fluorescent ones. Winter means fewer hours of sunlight and more time indoors, so use light bulbs that last longer and are more energy efficient.