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Restaurant Review: Toronto’s Grindhouse


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Restaurant Review: By Tilly Rivers

The Restaurant: Grindhouse

The Location: 365 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Contact Info: 416.977.3010 www.grindhouse.ca

The Chefs/Owners: Robert Pettigrew, Timothy Pettigrew, Mark Matusiak.

Food: 5 out 5

Service: 5 out 5

Environment: 4 out of 5 stars ~smiles~ okay 4.5 (Nothing in this world is perfect after all)


It was on a total whim that we walked through the doors of the Grindhouse on King Street West. My friend and I were looking for something quick to eat before the Bon Jovi concert. It was a cold February day;-you know the kind–where the wind slices through the layers of fabric you have on and you wonder whatever possessed you to ‘walk’ to the concert from the Hilton Garden Inn, in the first place.

It wasn’t my intent to do a review ~really it wasn’t~ smiles~ and as most of you are aware, I am pretty damn hard to please, most of my reviews are…well…let’s say; harsh. I am a firm believer that restaurants should live up to their word- if you tell me your food is good- it should be GOOD damn it! ~giggles~

I can’t say for a fact that everything on the menu at the Grindhouse is good, but what I can say is that my dinner was great- and my friend rated hers at an impressive 5 out 5 as well. What impressed me?

  1. They offer gluten-free buns for their burgers! HUGE plus here!
  2. They offer vegetarian selections
  3. EVERYTHING right down to the ketchup and pickle was homemade.
  4. All the meat is hormone, antibiotic and GMO free!

The claim: Combining health and wellness with nutrition- without compromising taste and flavour. Now that’s one hell of a claim when it comes to food, after all most of us think healthy food is code for: YUCK!  However, I am happy to report that this is NOT the case at the Grindhouse. I had a Black Truffle and Cranberry infused turkey burger, with spiced buttermilk batter and panko crusted onion rings. ~mouth watering yet?~ my friend ordered a Kosher salt and pepper Bison burger and fries. We both had ‘organic’ coffee with our meals.

The meal, service and environment was amazing. I HIGHLY recommend the Grindhouse the next time you are in Toronto. KUDOS guys, you have a winner here!