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Letter from the Founder:

When I began Main Street Magazine, 2 years ago it was for fun. An outlet for me to write more on other subjects besides erotica. I began it as a blog and an ezine, with no intention of it becoming bigger, but low and behold, as it happens with me, before I knew it I was attracting attention. Large attention, and was talked into making it larger-  in both print and an eZine- there have been some ‘super-star’ interviews, like with Bryan Adams, Kayne West, Keith Urban, Matt Dusk and others.

It began as a woman’s magazine and went to a more art and entertainment format..and now? Now’s it’s “all dimensional’ and does not fit into a slot. It has everything from sex to business, books, art, music, fashion to that new age hippie stuff ~smiles~ it talks about booze and self love- it talks about- well everything.

Here is the list (in no particular order):
A Little Inspiration- An inspirational story
Love Story- Kinda speaks for itself
Art in Action- Featuring artists
For the boys- Fun topics guys will love
Quick Tips- Tips to make everyday living a little easier
Legal Beagle- Learning about legal issues
Eating Out- Restaurant reviews
Chef of Merit- Introducing/interviewing great chefs of the world
Your Garden/Your Home- DIY projects, tips and fun
Business Today- Professional insight
Fashion Sense- Fashion advice
Going Green- Environmental issues
Games- Reviews, and suggestions
Healthy Relationships- Building relationships
Karma-vore Vegetarian advice and recipes
Quotes and LOL- Laughter and hope, two great combos.
Poetic Musings- Poetry and Poets from around the world
All about sex- Just as it sounds
Main Street Men- me? hot men…yep- it’s a favorite.
Main Street Music Scene- me? Yes, i love music
May we suggest- Movie suggestions for the home movie collection
Ancient Mystic- Legends and Lore
A Novel Idea- Book reviews and / or author interviews
Featuring- main article- covering anything and possibly everything
Moving Forward- Learning about the power of self- love and personal growth.

As of NOW, there is  no more print issues- there is a pdf copy that people can request, (freecopy@mainstreetmagazine.net) and the articles are posted on the blog. WHY no more print you ask?
1. Save a TREE. (Need to practice what I preach after all!)
2.  Builds an on line presence and profile for our writers/guest and the people being interviewed.

E-Zine, E-books, and E-Biz are the way of the future, get into it now or be left behind!

Thanks for reading!
~Tilly Rivers~




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