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Fashion Sense

Fashion Sense: Shape Those Boots!

shape those boots!

As anyone who loves tall boots knows, storing them is kind of a pain. They don’t fit into regular shoe boxes, and unless they’re made of very stiff material, they don’t stand up on their own.

If you’re like me, you inevitably end up folding them back up in their original boxes, or worse, letting them flop over on a closet shelf.

But here’s a product that solves all of that, and can be filed in the “cool ideas” folder: inflatable boot shapers.

Designed and developed in Australia, Booty Shapers have recently made their way to the United States. They’re available in three heights and three black and white designs, including “African Safari,” “Paisley Penache,” and my personal favorite, “Roman Holiday.”

Ranging in price from about $30 to $35 for a pack of 2-3 pairs, these make great travel companions as they don’t add weight to your luggage. When they’re not in use, they can be deflated and easily stored away, but a few breaths of air, and these cute plastic numbers will come back to life, and help keep your boots in shape.

Now I’d like to provide you with a tip that will make using this product a breeze.

The tip is to bit down on the bottom of the air stem while inflating your Booty Shapers. You’ll thank me for this information, and I wish I’d known it before I began. Just exhaling aimlessly into the stem is an exercise in futility that will result in a first-rate headache. Thankfully, just as I began cursing myself for ever having started smoking, my husband came to the rescue and figured out the trick to easy inflation.

The same goes for deflating the boot shapers — you need to squeeze the base of the stem while pushing the air out with other your hand.

I also have a warning: do not inhale while inflating. The plastic-tinged air that’s already in the boot shapers is extremely foul-tasting.