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MAIN STREET MUSIC SCENE: Is Indie Music dying out?

By Tilly Rivers

*special thanks to Derek Wright, lead vocalist of Abolysh for letting me use his picture for this blog posting.*

Have you heard this phrase lately? “Man- I started my own band!”  Many are doing it- taking their band out of the garage and into the streets with the hope that they will be the next big thing! That somehow, someway or someone will discover them…after all they are ‘wayyy’ better than those bands on T.V.

The most popular new bands? “New Rave”, now if you are like me, your pretty much shaking your head at this, personally- New Rave or Indie, or whatever they want to call it is not my style- it’s not for me, I don’t get it- but one cannot deny that they are popular, and here to stay, even though media reports have said that since the genre rose to fame in 2007 to 2008 with the band Klaxons being very much at the forefront, broadcasting reports claim that the Genre was nothing more than a media invention and has begun to die out. Die out? People, have you taken a look at what is going on in the music industry these days? And you call yourself media news….please!

So what exactly is New Rave? It is the term used to describe Indie Pop and Rock bands that make use of electronic elements a lot more than average Indie bands, often having clear sounding influences from a vast range of electronic genres, with the most popular being 8-bit, Techno and genres like Drum N bass, Dubstep and Breakcore. The term began being used in Indie and Alt Rock magazines such as NME, being described as a new form of Indie. However, many argue that the genre is becoming a separate movement, attracting more than just “Indie Kids” to the scene.

Many New Ravers branch out into other genres, the most popular being Indie Rock and Indie Pop, bands such as Blood on the Dance floor, Death Cab For Cutie, Vampire Weekend and The Pigeon Detectives are great examples! Some choose to branch in to genres like Metalcore and Screamo, genres like Techno and Happy Hardcore are favourites amongst new followers.

An up-and-coming band from Ontario Canada  that is building major buzz  is “Abolsyh” by Tenth Realm Productions.

One thing I have discovered about this style of music, is there is no middle ground, you either love it or hate it—me? Hey, I’ve always been odd- I’ll just sit right here nice and comfy on the fence- in the middle- at the moment I don’t get it, but who knows….


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  1. Every genre of music goes through a phase of popularity. Most have a two or three year bit of fame and then morph into something else but some gain enough fans to last for decades. Mostly though, it’s the “content”; what “experience” does the genre provide to the fan?

    If the music has “balls” and a message, it has a chance to last. If it is just “all top and no bottom”, then it has no “guts” and skips off the consumers’ minds like a flat stone across the water, quickly sinking into oblivion.

    I enjoy music when I can feel it. I don’t want to just listen, I want to taste it, smell it, have it grab my mind and suck it in to a world of the composer’s own making. Now don’t get me wrong. That does not mean LOUD. It means balanced, well written with a superior “A&R” and a clear message that rings with my emotions. In other words, it has to have BALLS.

    December 11, 2011 at 5:27 pm

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