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Quick Tips: Summer’s most dreaded phrase: “Mom / Dad…I’m Bored!”

School’s out! 

Summer Fun can be free

Think back to your summer holidays, do you have great memories of camping, family BBQ’s and playing hide and seek? Maybe it was trying to see a fire-fly? Children today have lots of options that most parents didn’t- we did not have the cool game systems or the internet at our fingertips- we had to do something really radical – use our imaginations and play outside. 🙂

Pull on those memories, that imagination and fun for your children this summer.

Most parents are both working these days, it’s not always a matter of choice, but the difference between eating or not- of course there are more and more single Mom’s, and single Dad’s-summer vacation can be tough, and sometimes it’s not all fun-fun, when the children say those two dreaded words: “I’m Bored!” You may cringe when you look at the wallet.  But believe it or not, you can inspire lasting childhood memories, with FREE, or very little cost  things to do this summer. Like for example- eating out- yes eating out can be free- it’s called eating outside.  You’ve got to eat anyway, right? So take it outside because kids love picnics. Picnics can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. You can throw together sandwiches and eat lunch under a tree in the backyard or fry chicken and spend the day at a free beach or  a local park. Take a skipping rope or ball, and after the picnic spend sometime ‘playing’ – and if your brilliant, you will do this for dinner. Why you say? because the food, exercise and sun means your little ones will be tired, and should fall asleep that night a little easier for you!

Create your own water park – Can’t shell out $30 ( or more) per kid to visit a water park? I don’t blame you. Create your own (free) water park! Pull out the kiddie pool (you’ll be surprised how much the grown kids like it!), poke holes in an old hose, break out the Slip and Slide, and create fun water games. Have a frozen t-shirt contest. Wet and freeze two t-shirts overnight and see who can thaw theirs first and put it on!

Create your own drive-in theater at home. Move a TV and DVD player outside for one night, or borrow a projector from a friend and hang up a sheet. Get a movie from the library for free (or chose one from your collection) and watch with some popcorn! The novelty of watching TV outside never fails to impress our kids. and best of all, it’s free! Have the kids help you set up, bring out blankets and pillows to sit on, or fold-up camp/lawn chairs.

Backyard sleep out. If you can’t take the time, or the money to go camping this summer, see if you can borrow a tent from a friend, if you don’t have your own for a week-end,  and set up ‘camping in the back yard’

Check for coupons, and 2 for 1 deals! Don’t be embarrassed about using those coupons and 2 for 1 deals, saving money is saving money!

Most cities/towns have some sort of free event going on, from free concerts to free days at a local zoo. Make a list of everything you would like to do if you had the cash, and then research it on the internet, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that zoo, water park etc. might have half price deals or money off, especially near the end of the summer, and what a nice surprise to close the summer. with a special trip.

The most important thing this summer to remember is this, money doesn’t make memories, family time and love do! When the children say: “It was so funny Dad/Mom when you ran through the sprinkler with us, you made such a funny face!”  That is priceless, that is a life long memory for you both.


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