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Tips: Today’s Tips on “Lips” Do plumpers work?

Do Lipstick Plumpers Work?

By Julyne Derrik

Do they work?

Question: Do Lipstick Plumpers Work?

Answer: Yes, we were skeptical at first as well. And while the new lipsticks that promise to ‘plump your lips’ really do work, the effect is temporary. Here’s how it works: Some formulas use a traditional lip-plumping ingredient, such as MaxiLip, which stimulates collagen & boost hydration. Others use ingredients that help lips retain moisture, which gives lips the appearance of being fuller.
About the Author:

Julyne Derrick has been a beauty fanatic since she was a preteen growing up in a small Texas town with only a Seventeen magazine subscriptions to teach her beauty tricks and with only Wal-mart to buy the products. She honed her makeup and hair skills on her (somewhat) willing mother and she’s a pro with a pair of tweezers, having fixed many a friend’s unibrow in college. A journalist in New Mexico, Seattle and New York City before joining About.com, Julyne believes the true secret to beauty comes from within, but the right bit of mascara and lipstick can help.


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