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DIY: For your home

For your home: Transform Jewellery into Home Accents

DO-IT-YOURSELF-Turn cast-off costume jewellery into one-of-a-kind accents for your home.


DIY: Your home, MSM

1. Butterfly Jewellery Collection

Butterfly brooches like these are too beautiful to keep tucked away in a jewelry box. Let them take flight as wall art by creating a pseudo-scientific display. Paint a gesso-finish artist’s canvas with water-thinned dark umber paint and then rub it off. Use a graphite pencil to draw lines depicting the wingspans.


2. Curtain Tieback

A vintage pin adorns a ribbon for a pretty curtain tieback. Wrap sheer ribbon around the curtain panel and tie,

DIY: (2) Main Street Magazine

leaving tails about a foot long. Pin the flower brooch at the knot. Brooches like this one are easy to find.


3. Beautiful Beaded Napkin Rings

Ordinary metal napkin rings morph into gem-encrusted beauties when you thread beads and crystals onto craft wire and wrap it securely around the rings. Thread more beads onto wire to make a coordinating set of

(3) DIY: Your home

wineglass charms


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