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Fashion Sense: Clothing Swap Party

Clothing Swap Party

Louise Kana

Wondering what to do with those clothes you just pulled out of the closet  that you don’t want? Or maybe after spring cleaning you notice you need more shorts, skirts or whatever. Why not host a clothing swap party? Gather your friends and trade your gently worn (or never worn!) clothes.

Clothing swap parties can be great fun and a fantastic way to refresh that closet or wardrobe. However, there

Fashion Sense, Main Street Mag

are some things you should know before you start.

Decide on the date of your swap party and invite everyone that you think would have some cool clothes. The best way of doing this is with emails. In the email, make sure that you tell your friends what it’s all about. Makes sense right? Every party needs a date and details!

Ask friends to bring a set minimum amount of clothes, shoes or accessories. Between 3 to 5 pieces each will ensure a good selection.

Decide if this is a ‘free’ swap or if you are buying/selling the clothes. Then mark the sections “free” or “make me an offer”

Try to invite some friends who are similar in size, after all the point is to get stuff you want, and get rid of stuff you don’t.  Or, host an accessories-only party that includes handbags, jewellery, scarves, etc.

Be prepared- are you going to provide hangers or ask friends to bring items already hung? Maybe you have decided no hangers are required. Have some extra bags handy for your guests to take their goodies home with them and set up a changing area- a mirror is a must.

Show off! Host your own ‘dress up’ fashion show so everyone has a chance to see the new look!

Have fun!  Play the music-serve wine/beer and non-greasy snacks.


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