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Poetic Musings. April 2011. Main Street Magazine (MSM)


Mona Arizona

Lovers. MSM

Days and nights, like a remote dream, teased their appetites

So predictable, their reactions bringing instant smiles

Two heartbeats slipping into a carnal dream with their nights’

Desire increasing in every vein as their lust compiles

His heart swelling with each of her little gasps of pleasure

As he stroked deep in the velvet lust unrestrained craving to trace

Pulling the pins from her hair, dropping one then another

As he pushed her back onto the first step of the staircase

He kissed her cheek, her mouth; she did not resist him

Arms ‘round his neck, her head held to one side as he ravaged

Her neck and pulled her hair down to hang loosely and skim

Around her shoulders, one hand on her waist he ridged

Guiding her up the stairs and at the top pushed her

Against the wall deftly undoing the buttons of her jacket

He pulled her forward, pushed the coat down her arms, over

Her hands, ignoring it as it fell to the lush piled carpet

Undid the buttons of her blouse, pulled the ends from her skirt

Pushed the blouse open and cupped her breasts

Squeezing them, steadying his breath when her lips did part

He grabbed her against him, lifting her off her feet, no protests

When he walked into the bedroom, pausing to shut and lock the door

He moved her to the bed they’d share, went down on one knee

Before her, slipped one hand under her skirt to stroke and more

Gazed into her shiny green eyes and watched for any plea

Bracing hands on either side of her knees, his hand moving up

Her leg, she whispered, “yes,” so softly spoken,

So freeing, it was his undoing, his blood began to gallop

As he gazed down, so mysterious she seemed elfin

A woman so bold and heart-stoppingly alluring he watched

Her eyes as he removed one boot and stocking

His heart filled with something that wouldn’t permit her to be debauched

Yet she was so enticing he couldn’t stop gawking

She observed him almost curiously as he removed

The second stocking and boot and slid

His hand up over her knee reaching to release what he approved

He watched the silk ends fall open to reveal what they hid

Carefully pushing the ends aside, he gazed admiringly at her breasts

He’d never been so powerfully attracted to a woman

Never so hotly aroused as he felt at that moment, all quests

Previously had never caused him such a reaction

He stood up and moved over her, one knee on the bed,

One hand bracing himself against it,

Forcing her onto her back, straddling her, holding himself in good stead

Over her as he took her in, a sigh she did emit

Her smile was instant and softly seductive, a smile that had him

Fighting his wild desire before he’d begun

Her lips moved over his like water, he turned the lamp to dim,

Her touch – light, a gentle eagerness—he was certain

Little shocks went through him every where she touched, he dipped

His tongue into her mouth, she sighed with deep pleasure

The sound incited him, drifting through the curtain of consciousness, slipped

Down to his groin, he rolled to his side, slower,

Pulled her with him, found the fastening of her skirt

When he had it off her, he rolled

Onto his back, guiding her to straddle him, nothing covert,

To help her off with her bra and behold

She remained straddled on his groin, the force of his desire fully evident

She was bare to him now, her nipples dark

And erect against the creamy white of her skin devoid of raiment

Her abdomen flat, smooth, stark

Her neck long and elegant, thick, silky dark curls spilled over her shoulders

And those eyes shown down on him

It was almost incomprehensible he could feel desire like this, their raptures,

This woman, of all women, leading him to the rim

He cupped her breasts, lifted to take them in his mouth, she pulled

At his shirt, he helped her discard it

Her hands stroked his chest, he suckled her breasts in his mouth encapsuled

Every touch drove him closer to losing his wit

Her fingers skated over his nipples inflaming him while she

Feathered his face with light kisses

Abruptly, he put her on her back again, stood up, watched her while he

Removed his trousers, there were no blushes

Her lips parted when she saw him erect, but she showed no anxiety

Neither did she shyly look away

She was fearless, more than any woman he had known, not acting brashly

That alone made him love her—to his dismay

That was the thing, he realized, that made him so restless of late

He understood as it coursed through him

He loved her; for the first time in his life, he knew, without debate,

What it felt like to truly love a woman

He laid himself gently on her and began the assault of her skin and senses

His hunger beat steadily, growing stronger

Pushing against him, seeking escape; he lavished her with his hands to tenseness

And with his mouth, slipping a hand between her legs, bolder,

Felt the damp warmth, the pulse of her body in the valley of her sex

His kisses grew more urgent

He was delving deeper, longing increasing as he plumbed her depths

And she was responding, a lover ardent,

With little gasps and moans of pleasure, with her mouth, with her hands

He squeezed her hip, hiked her leg to his waist

He wanted to taste the dampness of her, give her his demands

And her he would never abase

He dipped his head down between her legs, she gasped loudly and bucked

Against him, but he held her hips firmly

She dragged her fingers through his hair as he laved and licked

Delving deep, swirling around her core aptly

The cry of her voice was deep and husky, “Dear god, what are you doing

To me?” He couldn’t know she meant

The question sincerely; she was submerged completely in the pool of longing

Floating along beneath him, torment,

Quivering with every touch of his mouth, every touch of his hands

For she had never guessed

This could be so pleasurable, and decadent at once, yet she understands

Now this she should have assessed

She felt the pull of her body dragging her down into that pool of desire

Of pleasure and of want

But she boiled beneath the surface; “You make me desperate,” like a lyre

Her voice did chant

As her fingers dug into his hair, “I think I could very well perish.”

He moaned and sucked at her skin;

The sensation was astounding, she was falling and soaring but did cherish

A release so violent she shuddered and made quite a din

She was still flying when he moved up and settled between her legs,

One broad hand on her thigh

Holding it up; “I can’t touch you like this and not have all of you,” he begs

The thirst for her so clear in his mind’s eye

In the set of his mouth, his ragged breathing, she responded by arching her back

And pushing her bare breast to his palm

He growled low, stroked her hair, her face, and sank deeper giving no slack

She could feel his erection, no qualm

It pushed against her wet skin, her body adjusting and opening to him as he

Pressed gently against her; he brushed

The pad of his thumb against her nipple, it felt like fire rushing up her body

Her breast he honored and kissed

Teased her nipple with his tongue and she dug her fingers into his shoulders

Held tight, closed her eyes and

Felt herself floating again, adrift in a sea of erotic sensation, with all ardors

And emotions neither had planned

“You’re radiant,” he said, and kissed her shoulder; “Beautiful,” as he pushed

Against her, slowly and gently entering

Her body, never pausing, only kissing her tenderly as he impaled; she flushed

Gasped at the lush sensation of having

Him deep inside her; her legs fell apart when he began to move, slid deep

Inside her with a guttural, pleasurable growl

Buried his face in her breasts, laced his fingers with hers, unable to creep

He pushed, wanted to howl

He held her tightly, moved slowly, carefully; she thought it almost too gentle

Her defenses, sense of propriety

Her fears—shattered the moment he entered her, she wanted all of him, mental

And physical and she began to move boldly

With him, wanted to feel him deeper, feel him harder, feel him melt into her

Become part of her; he uttered her name

Raggedly as she arched and lifted her breasts to his mouth, moving together

With a moan, his hand slipped under her mane

The other under her back, lifting her up as he began to move ardently

And she arched higher, into his body

Feeling another explosion beginning to build; he shifted his weight bluntly

His stroke and pace lengthened ably

As he reached for her core, began to move with the urgency she felt

Thrusting deep inside her; she strained

To meet him, find the release once more; now he was past the point of svelte

And tender strokes, lust was unrestrained

He was swimming in the current they created, the fast, flooding waters

Of desire carrying them on

And then he began to stroke her, his fingers dancing on her sex harder, faster

As his body moved inside, her climax was drawn

Release came to her in one long wave; she cried out, clawed at the sheets

Lifted herself to him as she

Felt him convulse inside of her; felt his breath warm on her neck, heartbeats

Pounding, thundering quickly

His fingers were tangled in her hair, his palm pressed tenderly against her cheek

The experience was liberating

It set her heart free, her imagination soaring, felt above the earth, above deceit

And she wanted nothing

But to feel his hard body beside her, to marvel at how this man could complete

Leaving each breathlessly aching

How he could corral his strength, send her soaring, with no harm in her defeat

As she lay beneath him shaking

She felt a bond to him, no words spoken, that couldn’t be broken not by

Words or time or by another being

She twisted in his arms to face him, he pushed her hair from her face tenderly

Her feelings for him were so freeing

A smile played at the corners of his mouth as he rolled to his back taking her

He caressed her back, his voice soft

“are you all right?” Resting her chin on his chest, she murmured, “Perfect, sir.”

Each was feeling aloft

Copyright © 2010 Mona Arizona – All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Mimi Wolske. Poetic Musings Lovers. April 2011

About Mimi Wolske: (http://mimi-eroswritings.blogspot.com/) — author, editor, blogger, artist, and reading series host. Degrees in English Literature and Painting, she dabbled in creating naughty tales and drawings to entertain her friends in college and today, under the pseudonym Mona Arizona, pens deliciously dirty stories; under Mimi Wolske, she authors poetry and historical romances, paints, and hosts the monthly Reading Naked reading series in the U.S. Gaining international acclaim for erotic poetry and paintings, she was nominated and accepted as a member of International Who’s Who Black Book for 2011/2012 (inclusion is limited to individuals demonstrating outstanding achievements in their profession).


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