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Nora Roberts, The Circle Trilogy

By Jennifer Wright

Like most people who love to write I also love to read. I will normally read anything I can get my hands on, but romance novels have always fallen lower on my list of favorites. That is until at the insistence of a good friend I started reading the Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts.

Nora Roberts is a best selling romance novelist. She has over 280 million copies of her books in print and has also written under her pen name of J.D. Robb. Her books have been simultaneously on the New York Times best seller list several times over the years of her career.

The Circle trilogy is just one of the many series she has written.

Nora Robers Circle Trilogy, Book One. As Seen In MSM March 2011

The first book, entitled Morrigan’s Cross, is centered on introducing us to the circle of six. These six individuals happen to be an odd mixture consisting of a vampire, a sorcerer, a witch, a warrior, a scholar and a shape shifter.

From the very beginning of this book Nora Roberts grabs our attention by introducing us to the villain of the story, the vampire Lillith. This kind of beginning definitely shows us what kind of evil is being dealt with.

The members of the circle are from past and present times. Most of Morrigan’s Cross takes place in Ireland, but Nora also brings life to a fictional land of Geall. Geall is a different realm, which seems to be the likeness of Ireland.

This group has been destined to find each other and must band together in hopes of defeating Lillith and her army of vampires in an inevitable war. The group begins their training as well as becoming accustomed to each other, while Lillith makes her plans for them.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Nora Roberts book if it wasn’t centered around a love story either. Morrigan’s Cross brings together two of the circle in a fiery romance.

The second installment of this series is entitled Dance of the Gods

Book 2, Nora Roberts

In Dance of the Gods we are thrust into heavy training and more romance. The circle realizes that the war is to be fought in Geall. We are entertained with generous amounts of magic and fantasy.
The entirety of Dance of the Gods builds our anticipation for what is to come in the third and final installment of the series. It took me all of two days to finish Dance of the Gods because I was so excited to  get the next book.

So finally, the third part of the series entitled Valley of Silence.

Knowing the war is soon to come, the circle knows they must build an army. The upcoming war has put them on a timeline and somehow, in between the preparations for battle, Nora Roberts manages to give us more love story.

Book 3, Nora Roberts

This final portion of the Circle series brings a grand close to the story. I most definitely recommend this series to anyone who enjoys Nora Roberts’s work I know that will be reading more of her books.

Also, being a huge fan of vampire and fantasy novels, I can honestly say it was satisfying to my taste in that genre.

Boxed Set

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