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March Issue Intro….

As seen in the March 2011 Issue of MSM, for a current copy visit www.mainstreetmagazine.net

Just a Moment…..

The winter ends with March, and in comes Spring, at least that is what the calendar tells us. There are many superstitions about March. We often hear that “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” This means that the first day of March is often stormy, and the last day is mild and warm. Another saying is, “April borrowed from March three days, and they were ill.” This refers to the first three days of April, which are generally rough and blustery like March. A third saying calls the first three days of March “blind days” because they are “unlucky.” If rain falls on these days, farmers supposedly will have poor harvests.

But for us here at MSM, March is another fun filled month with new and interesting people, places and things.

March 2011 MSM

Today you may be in need of a boost, we have that covered with “A Little Inspiration”- maybe you are looking for a good book to kick back and relax? No problem, “A Novel Idea” has that covered.

“Art in Action” and “Main Street Music Scene” spice it up with some culture, while “That’s the Spirit, Eating Out, Chef of Merit and Karma-Vore” cover food and drink.

Feeling like a little romance? “Love Story” might be the ticket, or maybe you want to step it up a notch with “All About Sex”

MSM has added variety and intrigue, giving you a little bit of everything, because after all, you aren’t one dimensional, so neither is our magazine.


Chris Reynolds

Editor, Main Street Magazine


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