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Adults need sexy game time

ADULT GAMES For Valentines(Or any) Day

As seen in the February Issue of MSM. For a current issue visit; www.mainstreetmagazine.net

Adult Games

You must…take the time to play…joke with one another…find ways to have fun…explore the lighter side. This is soooooo important! Laughter softens the “bumps in the road”…and helps you weather the storms… together.



Yes, we do “touch on” sex in here…Sex is such an important element in any long-term relationship… you must pay attention to it! Put forth some effort… get creative… make things fun and exciting. Your partner will love it.

Games are a compromise between intimacy and keeping
intimacy away.”
—Eric Berne

Slightly naughty games…
Play is inspiring, rehabilitating and blissful. What a simple but effective way to energize a relationship! Playing with your mate is an essential…So have fun, go wild, and let your spirits soar.


Fore Playing Cards – A Romantic Game
Sometimes couples need a little inspiration to get their sexual intimacy started and our game has sexual suggestions, loving candles and an invitation to get going towards true intimacy.

adults need to play too

tests general sex IQ

This Adult Version Loaded Questions Board Game tests general sex IQ and asks funny personal questions! It will reveal more about your fellow players than you say you want to know, but everyone knows you’re lying.

Players advance around the board by rolling the dice, then choosing a question card based on the category they land on. The other players then write down answers to the question, which the previous dice roller reads aloud. The person whose turn it is must then guess who submitted which answer. See how well you really know people. Learn and share tantalizing trivia under a veneer of legitimacy. You might be shamed for life if you play this game with your parents or your kids!

For 3 to 6 adult players.



What more can we say? Here’s a great offering of tasty fun for the free-spirited couple.


Spread out a protective sheet or quilt, and go for it…
Delicious, sexy fun.


Edibles for two

  • Chocolate body paint
  • Honey dust edible body powder
  • Edible warming oils
  • Edible undies!

Available at most adult stores.

Transport yourselves back in time… when love was free and easy, pads were psychedelic, and everything was just GROOVY, man. Recreate a fun and different atmosphere in your bedroom today. Install a blacklight, hang some cool posters, light some incense, spin some classic tunes…  and make a great escape with some glo-in-the-dark body fingerpaints! What incredible fun… dare to be kids again!



Black Lights and Body Paint

Blacklights, incense, candles, lava lamps… glow-in-the-dark Body Finger Paints. What could be more fun? Everybody’s got a little bit of Hippie in their heart! Get in touch with yours with these light-hearted and fun products…  Groovy, Baby!

Black light fun…

Blacklight! These are a blast from the past! And check out the posters at the bottom of the page.

*Note: An 18″ blacklight is good for a small area, and works great mounted above a poster, over your bed. But we prefer the 24″ light… spreads the fun even further.

You can find  inexpensive blacklight lamps at WalMart or Target.

Black light and lava lamps

Black light fun…
Remember these? They’re just as much fun now as they were back in the 60s!

Lava lamps and black lights

Lava lights and Black lamps

Get your very own retro lava lamp today.

Black light body paint kit

urn your bedroom into a zone of hot gentle darkness with the Black lite body paint kit by Pipedream. This sensual pleasure kit includes 4 blacklite body paints, 26 love scented incense sticks, 75 watt blacklite bulb, 3 1oz body heat warming massage lotions and 2 spanish fly sample packs. It is all you need to get the hottest and wildest night together tight in your room. Don’t hesitate to experience new forms of sensual pleasure – it’s that easy



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